Manuscript Read

remains-to-be-scene“You deserve some sort of award for astute observation and an ability to see where major problems are in a manuscript. Every point you made is something that I either hadn’t considered or thought I could get away with.”—R.T. Jordan, author of Remains to be Scene

A manuscript read provides:

1) a complete reading of your manuscript by me; and
2) verbal feedback via phone for up to one hour.

Manuscript reads are completed in approximately two weeks. To reserve a spot on my calendar, I require payment and a signed consultation agreement. Payment can be made via Venmo, check, or money order.

Manuscript Read Fee: $399

To schedule a manuscript read, please do the following:

1) Go to the Categories page to determine if I work with your kind of writing.
2) Visit the FAQ page, as the answers to some of your questions may already be there.
3) E-mail the information requested below to, and put “Manuscript Read Request” in the subject line.
4) Attach the first ten double-spaced pages of your manuscript to the e-mail. Many thanks in advance.

Home mailing address:
Telephone number:
What is the title of your work?:
What is the nature of your work (novel, short story collection, memoir, etc.)?:
If your work is fiction, what kind is it (fantasy, science fiction, literary, etc.)?:
Is it for adults, young adults, or children?:
What is the word count of the manuscript?:
How many drafts have you written?:
Is it written in English or Spanish?:
Is the manuscript complete?:
How many years have you worked on it?:
Have you worked with an editor on this manuscript before? If yes, how many editors have you worked with and who were they?:
What is your writing background (journalism, MFA, college creative writing courses, etc.)?:
How familiar are you with the publishing industry (newbie, a bit informed, have conducted extensive research)?:
Who recommended me to you? If you weren’t referred to me, how did you find out about my services?: