Redemption Lost Marc Avery

“Your advice was invaluable!”—Marc Avery, author of Redemption Lost

I edit a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction including but not limited to: novels (literary, magical realism, mainstream, commercial, adult, young adult, chick lit, street lit, women’s, romance, historical, mystery, thriller, suspense), short story collections, memoirs, self-help, inspiration, pop culture, and New Age. My clients range from bestselling (Daniel Jose Older, author of the New York Times bestseller Shadowshaper) to critically acclaimed  (Natashia Deon, author of Grace, named a New York Times Top Book) to self-published writers (Marcia Smart, author of Decorating by Instinct). While I work with writers of all backgrounds, as one of the few Latina editors in the book business I have extensive experience in Latino and multicultural publishing.

I do not edit children’s books (specifically, anything for middle grade or younger readers), cookbooks, poetry, science fiction and fantasy, screenplays, as well as works in Spanish. Below I’ve listed editors who do edit these kinds of writing. Be sure to mention I referred you to them.

Children’s – Melanie Cordova,, .

Cookbooks – Dianne Jacob,,

Poetry – Sarah Cortez,,

Science Fiction and Fantasy – Anita Mumm,

Screenplays – Pilar Alessandra,

Spanish Language – Omar Amador,