our-lady-of-weight-loss“I participated in your How to Write a Knockout Proposal class and I was knocked out. You planted enough seeds in my brain to grow a forest. You gave a new meaning to the word ‘platform,’ and a new spin on competition. Thanks much for an illuminating evening.”—Janice Taylor, author of Our Lady of Weight Loss

Slice Literary Writers’ Conference

WHAT: A Writer’s Survival Guide Panel
At a past Slice conference Francine Prose explained how she balanced writing with motherhood: from the time her sons boarded the school bus to the time they returned, she wrote. Junot Díaz told the Wall Street Journal that he sometimes writes sitting on the edge of the tub: “My ex would always know I was going to write because I would grab a notebook and run into the bathroom.” Balancing writing with the rest of life is often so overwhelming, it can seem that those who succeed know a secret the rest of us missed. Whether we are parents, students, employees, or just plain procrastinators (or a combination of these roles), it’s often a constant struggle to find the time and the right place to write. So, how does the writing ever get done? A group of authors reveals how they manage to block out time for their work without compromising other life essentials. Glean tips on how to find time in overcrowded schedules and how to optimize productivity when you do steal those precious moments for your work.

WHEN: Sunday, September 10, 4:30 p.m. – 5:40 p.m.

WHERE: St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY

Rumaan Alam, Author, Rich and Pretty
Michele Filgate, Writer, Book Critic
Lisa Ko, Author, The Leavers
Marcela Landres, Editorial Consultant
Courtney Maum, Author, Touch