Manuscript Edit

efrainssecret“Working with her has improved everything I write. Regardless of whether I am in the creative or promotional process, I revisit and consult Marcela’s detailed notes with great success. No matter what your project is, you can’t go wrong hiring Marcela Landres. You can only get in your own way by choosing not to heed her advice.”—Sofia Quintero, author of Efrain’s Secret

A manuscript edit provides:

1) a line-edited manuscript;
2) an editorial letter which details how to hone your craft and manage your career; plus
3) verbal feedback via phone for up to one hour.

Manuscript edits are completed in approximately six weeks. To reserve a spot on my calendar, I require payment and a signed agreement. Payment can be made via Venmo, check, or money order.

Manuscript Edit Fee: Determined on a project-by-project basis. If you would like me to quote you a fee, please do the following:

1) Go to the Categories page to determine if I work with your kind of writing.
2) Visit the FAQ page, as the answers to some of your questions may already be there.
3) E-mail the information requested below to, and put “Manuscript Edit Request” in the subject line.
4) Attach the first ten double-spaced pages of your manuscript to the e-mail. Many thanks in advance.

Home mailing address:
Telephone number:
What is the title of your work?:
What is the nature of your work (novel, short story collection, memoir, etc.)?:
If your work is fiction, what kind is it (fantasy, science fiction, literary, etc.)?:
Is it for adults, young adults, or children?:
What is the word count of the manuscript?:
How many drafts have you written?:
Is it written in English or Spanish?:
Is the manuscript complete?:
How many years have you worked on it?:
Have you worked with an editor on this manuscript before? If yes, how many editors have you worked with and who were they?:
What is your writing background (journalism, MFA, college creative writing courses, etc.)?:
Who recommended me to you? If you weren’t referred to me, how did you find out about my services?: