“Marcela’s straight to the point, honest yet humorous analysis and recommendations for my piece were exactly what I needed. She made constructive criticisms that were right on and offered examples and a strategy for doing things right or getting back on the right track. She was encouraging, too, and showed me what I was doing successfully. As a writer who wants her baby, her novel, to be among the best-selling, I trust her judgement, experience, and encouragement.”—Natashia Deon, author of Grace, a New York Times Critics’ Top Book

“You sending me to the Frederick Douglass Center had a lot to do with this book happening. That class is where I met Sheree Thomas, who became my mentor and where I wrote the first batch of stories in Salsa Nocturna. So thank you!”—Daniel Jose Older, author of the New York Times bestseller Shadowshaper

The Acentos Review has just published my short story, “Zumarraga’s Faith.” Check it out! Thank you for starting me on this journey of writing short stories. I have a couple of others slated for publication later in the year.”—Sandro Piedrahita, piedrahitasandro@yahoo.com

“Entrusting one’s work to a third party can always make one a bit skittish, but Marcela Landres put me at ease in a heartbeat with clear, cogent advice, generously given, from the heart. Not only was I impressed with her knowledge and confidence, doled out with basic common sense, but her invaluable critique was so artfully crafted and genuine that, to my surprise, I found myself wishing for more. This was an investment well-made as since working with Marcela I have acquired an agent, who has already read and line edited the work and has commented on it in such glowing and hyperbolic terms I am embarrassed to reproduce them here. Needless to say, Marcela Landres is a resource that I’ll return to in the future.”—Cy Stein, author of The Medicus Codex

“I called Marcela seeking direction on a few book ideas I’d been pondering. I was hesitant at first—how much advice could she offer me, when I barely had these ideas on paper?—but it ended up being the best thing I could have ever done. After our 60-minute chat, I felt much more clear-headed about which idea I may want to focus on, and what my next steps should be from here. Best of all, I hung up the phone feeling confident. Marcela let me know that my dream was real and reachable, with just a little more hard work. She inspired me and I can’t thank her enough.”—Lesley Téllez, author of Eat Mexico

“While scrambling my way through the daunting process of publishing a book, I was somehow wise enough to seek out the help of a professional. I found that in Marcela Landres who gave me invaluable guidance to help hone my book proposal and, as an added benefit, empower me as a writer to have the confidence I needed to actually submit the proposal. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I still remember the caring voice on the end of the line that was Marcela, assuring me that if I didn’t give up, all the work would pay off, and it did!”—Sheana Ochoa, author of Stella! Mother Of Modern Acting

“Hands down, Marcela is one of the best investments I made for my book. She not only provided me with detailed suggestions on how to sharpen my novel, she gave me concrete guidance and advice on the publishing industry, steps I could take to improve my writing, and an initial roadmap to start moving into a writing career. I owe Marcela a debt of gratitude for her part in helping make my debut successful. You might find another editor, but you will not find a better editor.”—K.L. Brady, author of The Bum Magnet

“Thanks for your good editing, suggestions and encouragement. I found a great agent and she directed me immediately to Kaplan Publishing Co. and yesterday a signed contract came through with a nice little advance and a commitment to publish my book on juvenile justice. Your suggestions and encouragement were invaluable.”—Irene Sullivan, author of Raised by the Courts

“You deserve some sort of award for astute observation and an ability to see where major problems are in a manuscript. Every point you made is something that I either hadn’t considered or thought I could get away with.”—R.T. Jordan, author of Remains to be Scene

“She is conscientious, energetic, and has demonstrated unparalleled literary wisdom and insight. She is able to transform a novel to its best possible form, in a quick and efficient manner, while respecting the individual style of the author.”—Dora Levy Mossanen, bestselling author of Courtesan

“Marcela Landres has been instrumental in me getting from ‘aspiring’ to ‘published’ writer.”—Charles Rice-Gonzalez, award-winning author of Chulito